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Concert: Julo Fujak & kaleidoSONICope (SK / USA) – studio 2

Slovak Radio [Bratislava]

Event info
Date: August 21, 2021
Time: 19:00
Location: Slovak Radio
Address: Mýtna 1 Bratislava
Website: https://www.rtvs.sk/radio/radia

Intermedia music wrestling transPOPsitions! (2003, rev. 2005) of Július Fujak was based on “a duel” of compromised contemporary music versus transposed pop music videoclips and among other presentation it was introduced in the American premiere with the chamber ensemble The California EAR Unit & Fujak at the Red Cat Theater in Los Angeles (2005). DVD recording of this concert was released a year later by Hevhetia (2006), the first of a series of other Fujak´s titles. The author prepared for the 20th anniversary of the Hevhetia publishing house the project of abstract-cabaret musical program transVAXitions! in cooperation with invited renowned musicians of the Slovak  and Czech music scene – it reflects already different, current contradictions of the contemporary world…

And why “VAX”? At the beginning of the digitalisation of our world was also VAX, one of the very first PC (personal computers) in the 1970s; transVAX is the bigot ignorant person or new trans-gender affiliation(?), and transVAXinations does not need any comments today. The notion “transVAXitions” not only evokes them, but also incorporates, transposes and transcends all of them  at the same time.

kaleidoSONICope (SK/USA):

Julo Fujak /music, concept, piano, singing, drums, bowed bass guitar,
Jan Kavan / cello
Miloš Železňák / electric guitar
Nikolaj Nikitin / saxophones
Ján Boleslav Kladivo / laptop electronics
Braňo Jobus / baritone
Braňo Jobus / baritone

Peter Milčák, TJ Vjuga, Peter Štekláč, Ján Boleslav Kladivo, and Psalm No 39 / lyrics

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