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ShowCase 06: Szymon Mika (PL) & Yumi Ito (JP) – studio 2

Slovak Radio [Bratislava]

Event info
Date: August 21, 2021
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: Slovak Radio
Address: Mýtna 1 Bratislava
Website: https://www.rtvs.sk/radio/radia

What do the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Joni Mitchell’s album Hejira have in common? Both blend, in equal part, elements from an established genre and fresh influences to create a timeless work of art. Equal is the keyword. On their new album Ekual Yumi Ito & Szymon Mika create such a brew. Drawing from the versatility of the voice and strings, the Polish-Japanese-Swiss vocal-guitar duo creates a universe of gentle harmonics, haunting chords, intricate melodies and explorative improvisations. No single element is pushed to the fore. Instead, Yumi Ito and Szymon Mika perform as one, like two kindred spirits. They touch upon topics ranging from sex to the Swiss and Polish women’s strike to politics. “Ekual” conveys an impressive spectrum of themes and musical ideas. The resulting fusion, reflected in both sound and concept, contributes to the diversity of the album.

Yumi Ito and Szymon Mika are a Polish-Japanese-Swiss duo consisting of vocals and guitar. They artfully combine elements of jazz and pop and have already performed throughout Europe (e.g. Montreux Jazz Festival, Summer Jazz Festival Krakow). The two award-winning musicians met in Switzerland where they worked with masters such as Dave Holland, Avishai Cohen and Steve Swallow. The duo formed following the suggestion of the latter after hearing them improvise together. Ekual is the musicians’ first album in this constellation and a new journey for these kindred spirits who grow by playing together on an equal plane.

Szymon Mika / guitar
Yumi Ito / vocals


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