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Szymon Klima & Dominik Wania (PL) – premiere concert of Fantastico

“And now let’s assume that the music is able to generate a cascade of both intellectual and emotional reactions within the listener’s brain, such as pleasure, aesthetic satisfaction, appreciation of sophistication, artistry and ingenuity, and above all gratitude for all the above. Music that is able to produce such a flood of brain enzymes, as is the case here, must be truly unique, or rather Fantastico.” – Adam Baruch, June 2020)

This is a short extract from the enthused text by leading Israeli music critic and jazz lover Adam Baruch appearing in the booklet accompanying the just-released new album by this duo of brilliant Polish musicians, clarinettist Szymon Klima and pianist Dominik Wania. Szymon Klima is a multi-talented artist moving around easily within various genres from classical music through improvized jazz to fusion. Dominik Wania is one of the most significant personalities in his generation of Polish jazz pianists. His feeling for brilliant tones and his unconventional, very creative approach have shot him to the highest level of European jazz. This year he has an album coming out on the ECM Records label.

  • Szymon Klima – clarinet
  • Dominik Wania – piano

Szymon Klima and Dominik Wania on Hevhetia Records

  • HV 0113-2-331 ELMA – Ad Rem (2015)
  • HV 0114-2-331 Witold Lutoslawski – Retuned (2015)
  • HV 0159-2-331 Improvision Quartet – Free-Folk-Jazz (2017)
  • HV 0166-2-331 Szymon Klima Quintet – Folwark (2018)
  • HV 0209-2-331 Szymon Klima & Dominik Wania – Fantastico (2020)

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