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Programm of Hevhetia ShowCase & JazzBus 2021

FRIDAY - AUGUST 20th 2021

20 Aug 2021

Slovak Radio [Bratislava]

Opening – Welcome drink

20 Aug 2021

Slovak Radio [Bratislava]

ShowCase 02: Early Birds (PL) – Studio 2


21 Aug 2021

Slovak Radio [Bratislava]

Presentation: Grunt guitars – Atrium

21 Aug 2021

21 Aug 2021

Empathy, Emotion, Energy Twenty years of producing records, ten annual editions of our festival, more than 280 CD and LP titles issued, an international community of compatible people … I’ve spent time with Peter Motyčka, who compiled the 4 CD sampler and wrote the the text for our anniversary book, thinking about how to capture […]

“Voice ’n’ Drums i s a courageous attempt to create meaningful aural experiences within the minimalistic setting of voice and drums only, which surprisingly works out very successfully. Obviously cross – genre and unconventional, the music encompasses many different ingredients, both melodically and rhythmically (…) There are clearly elements of Jazz and Improvised music, but […]

Early Birds is a group of 5 musicians who meet at dawn to explore unique melodies full of peacefulness, relief and brightness. Being educated musicians who gained knowledge at the Institute of Jazz, Academy of Music in Katowice and at the same time having a distinctive musical sensititvity, Early Birds would move any hardened heart […]

Trio Romanovská, Tichý, Hrubý have so far recorded three albums for Hevhetia record label, presenting their own original music compositions. The music moves freely between improvisation and composition highlighting profoundness of the message, a special sound colour, and attractiveness to the listeners. This year the trio will appear at JazzBus together with Klaus Kugel, the […]

In 2021 Hevhetia is not only a record label with 280 issued titles featuring artists from 40 countries around the world or a music agency with a network of its own festivals at home and abroad, but it is also a functioning international exchange platform. This Košice recording company may not have entered the market […]

Practical tools from a therapist working with musicians, for building a life with vitality, well-being and mental strength. Ania Rybacka is a musician and a psychologist specialized in issues commonly encountered by musicians. For over 20 years she’s been working with musicians, artists and dancers on stage, observing the culture and mechanisms of their professions. […]

John Cage’s (1912 – 1992) still very contemporary Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano premiered in 1949.  Inside his prepared piano are screws, nails, rubber and other objects.  Nora Skuta studied this masterwork with John Cage during a visit he made to Slovakia. “After so many years, when I play Sonatas and Interludes in the […]

Philosophy of liberation of expression The aim of the lecture is to indicate the connection between the development of musical and art forms in the history of art, which led to the current genre designation Jazz and abstract fine art. The transdisciplinarity between cultural anthropology, social history, philosophy, musicology and art history makes it possible […]

The event partners include Martin Juríček, the manufacturer of handmade guitars, bass guitar and cajons. The top-quality, carefully selected materials, the best wood grown in the forests surrounding Bardejov, beautiful design, exclusive sound are all the attributes of unique instruments – they are all worth checking out. The instruments will be played by the guitar […]

Babele Beat Band & Erik Rothenstein is a musical ensemble performing music derived from the authentic folklore of Slovakia, Central Europe and the Balkans. Filled with inspiration, the musicians bring in new beats and sounds to build new connections. They interpret their own pieces of music, as well as traditional folk songs included with improvised […]

Trio SZATURMA had their debut album released through Hevhetia in 2020, changed their drummer and their name to KIN. The group of three excellent musicians and improvisers of the young rising generation consists of guitarist Štefan Szabó, saxophonist Michaela Turcerová, and drummer Jakub Švejnar. Occasionally, they also perform as a duo featuring various combinations of […]

Dušan Scholtz is a Košice-based fine artist closely related to Hevhetia record label. It was his works that opened a cycle of exhibitions held in the iconic Hevhetia shop in Alžbetina street in Košice. His appearance at the festival will include pieces from two cycles of his artwork. The first cycle inspired by Steve Reich´s […]

The Czechoslovak chamber duo consisting of pianist Zuzana Berešová and violinist Pavel Burdych have so far recorded an album of compositions by Antonín Dvořák and Eugen Suchoň for Hevhetia. This year it is no less than two album releases. Album Son of the Homeland composed by Béla Kéler is to be premiered at the festival. Béla […]

What do the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Joni Mitchell’s album Hejira have in common? Both blend, in equal part, elements from an established genre and fresh influences to create a timeless work of art. Equal is the keyword. On their new album Ekual Yumi Ito & Szymon Mika […]

By changing the technology, the system of selling music but also the behavior of users, the basic tasks of the media, especially public media, are being redefined. Is art and culture in a broader sense ready for such historical changes. What is their role and possibilities in the current digital and virtual space. Are radios, […]

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