Hevhetia ShowCase 2022

Pavel Jakub Ryba on bass guitar, Ján Kopčák on saxophone and Erik Truffaz on trumpet joined forces on stage.

David Kollar, Rick Cox, Paolo Raineri a Erik Truffaz. Štvorica ostrieľanývch jazdcov, ktorí predviedli plnokrvnú hudobnú exhibíciu, a zavŕšili tohtoročný Hevhetia ShowCase.

The newly released albums of the Hevhetia publishing house were presented by Ján Sudzina and Peter Motyčka.

Mirka Novak & Edward Miles zahrali skladby z albumu Malbum.

Julo Fujak presented his musical projects.

As the students they made the album Cigarette After as the trio, now releasing the new album The Long Bright Dark as a duo. Saxophone Ján Kopčák and guitar Pippo Corvino (Filip Gavranović).

ShowCase concerts started with a jazz trio with frontman Otto Hejnic on drums.

This year’s Hevhetia ShowCase 2022 was opened by the Iranian clarinetist Soheil Peyghambari in the Synagogue – Contemporary Art Center in Trnava, where, in addition to the concert, the audience could also see the exhibition of the painter Dušan Scholtz called Feld’s Train.

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