Peter Katina

On the occasion of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Hevhetia publishing house, this prestigious label decided to re-announce the Debut competition. Last time, young musical talents not only from Slovakia, but also abroad had the opportunity to sign up and win the release of their musical debut five years ago.

Accordionist Peter Katina presented his book Music in a Different Way via a video stream at the Artforum in Košice. The virtual guest of the evening was the editor Tatiana Pirníková, the debate was moderated by the publisher of the book Ján Sudzina.

Photo gallery from the workshop of Didrik Ingvaldsen at the Hevhetia ShowCase & JazzBus 2020 festival in Kasárne / Kulturpark in Košice.

Photo gallery from the live broadcast of the program Music Siesta on the waves of Radio Devín during the Hevhetia ShowCase & JazzBus 2020.

Photo gallery from Peter Katina’s workshop – MusicZoom: Nordic at Hevhetia ShowCase & JazzBus 2020 in Kasárne/Kulturpark.

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