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Videolove Filterable Videos

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Create your video gallery in a snap!

This theme comes with the Qantumthemes Videolove plugin, to create beautiful video galleries with filters, and is totally customizable in colors, columns and more! Check out the amazing videolove gallery here… and to create it, you just need the “videolove” shortcode!

Chojnacki / Miguła Contemplations (PL)

Bartłomiej ChojnackiChojnacki & Miguła contemplationsDawid OpalińskiFilip MigułaJan Chojnacki

This post is also available in: EnglishChojnacki / Miguła Contemplations – a project by two young musicians from the Wrocław jazz community: Jan Chojnacki (trumpet) and Filip Miguła (piano). Experienced in performing all kinds of music, from mainstream jazz through its modern varieties, funk and groove to hip-hop and reggae. They recently decided to create […]
Stechek duo (PL)

Paweł SteczekPiotr Steczek

This post is also available in: EnglishTwo charismatic brothers creating and performing their own music, combining jazz, film music and world music. Using contemporary techniques, strong synthesizer sounds, subtle melodies and an ethnic instrumental tint, they have developed their own original style and music world. Sensibility, virtuosity and rich instrumentation emphasize the uniqueness of this […]
Follow dices (PL)

Adam WajdzikFranciszek RaczkowskiJan Jerzy KołackiMikołaj Kostka

This post is also available in: EnglishThe group has only existed in its present shape for a year, but they’ve already had plenty of success. In October 2017 they were winners at the Hanza Jazz Festival in Koszalin and also gained an award at the Blue Note Poznań Competition 2017. Adam Baruch wrote about the […]