David Kollar & Tomáš Mutina LIVE for

David KollarLive showTomáš Mutina

Slovak experimental guitarist/ composer emerges as one of the most intriguing figures on the European Avant-Garde/Jazz scene in the last decade. The concert is from the Stromoradie club in Prešov. David Kollar – guitar, synthetisers Tomáš Mutina – synthetisers, live sampling
Stechek duo (PL)

Paweł SteczekPiotr SteczekShowCase & JazzBus 2020

Two charismatic brothers creating and performing their own music, combining jazz, film music and world music. Using contemporary techniques, strong synthesizer sounds, subtle melodies and an ethnic instrumental tint, they have developed their own original style and music world. Sensibility, virtuosity and rich instrumentation emphasize the uniqueness of this duo. Beautiful compositions and brilliant improvisations […]
David Kollar (SK)

David KollarShowCase & JazzBus 2020

David is an experimental guitarist and composer who has placed himself in the last two decades among the most influential European avant-garde-jazz artists. He has also managed to succeed in breaking through onto the world music scene, and he has worked together with some of its most important representatives, such as Arve Henriksen, Pat Mastelotto, […]
Dust in the Groove & Didrik Ingvaldsen (CZ/NO)

Didrik IngvaldsenDust in the GrooveJakub ŠvejnarJan PřibilJana VondrůMartin OpršálMichal SýkoraPeter KormanRadim HanousekShowCase & JazzBus 2020Žaneta Vítová

This project by Dust in the Groove at the boundary between jazz and contemporary music brings to-gether free-range musicians from both genres. The music composed by leader Radim Hanousek af-fords great space for individual and shared improvisation, and for seeking out new sound potential. Most of the band members are active in the fields of experimental […]
Chojnacki / Miguła Contemplations (PL)

Bartłomiej ChojnackiChojnacki & Miguła contemplationsDawid OpalińskiFilip MigułaJan ChojnackiShowCase & JazzBus 2020

Chojnacki / Miguła Contemplations – a project by two young musicians from the Wrocław jazz community: Jan Chojnacki (trumpet) and Filip Miguła (piano). Experienced in performing all kinds of music, from mainstream jazz through its modern varieties, funk and groove to hip-hop and reggae. They recently decided to create their own project. They invited Bartłomiej […]
Follow dices (PL)

Adam WajdzikFranciszek RaczkowskiJan Jerzy KołackiMikołaj KostkaShowCase & JazzBus 2020

The group has only existed in its present shape for a year, but they’ve already had plenty of success. In October 2017 they were winners at the Hanza Jazz Festival in Koszalin and also gained an award at the Blue Note Poznań Competition 2017. Adam Baruch wrote about the band’s music: “The music is a […]
Jakub Mizeracki trio (PL)

Alan WykpiszJakub MizerackiMax OlszewskiShowCase & JazzBus 2020

Jakub Mizeracki, though from the younger generation, is an experienced and respected guitarist who stands out thanks to his original sound and mature instrumental expression. This ensemble’s music is a fusion of jazz inspirations and rock energy relying on their leader’s original compositions and then ingenious improvisation. Despite his modest age, Jakub has worked with […]
The Flash! (PL)

Kuba DworakMax OlszewskiShowCase & JazzBus 2020Sławek Pezda

The Flash! formed up in 2014 in Cracow on the initiative of Slawomir Pezda. The trio mostly perform original compositions by their leader. The Flash! experiment with acoustic and electric music and play with sound and form in an unconventional way. Their music is a mixture of such genres as punk, rock, noise, drum´n´bass, free […]
Ján Hajnal (SK)

Ján HajnalShowCase & JazzBus 2020

Košice-born Ján Hajnal is one of the leading Slovak pianists and musicians generally responsible for establishing Slovak jazz. It must be clear to anyone hearing the first few tones of his concerts or recordings that his feeling for music stems from the jazz tradition and lives in the modern jazz mainstream, but then again he […]
Szymon Klima & Dominik Wania (PL) – premiere concert of Fantastico

Dominik WaniaShowCase & JazzBus 2020Szymon Klima

“And now let’s assume that the music is able to generate a cascade of both intellectual and emotional reactions within the listener’s brain, such as pleasure, aesthetic satisfaction, appreciation of sophistication, artistry and ingenuity, and above all gratitude for all the above. Music that is able to produce such a flood of brain enzymes, as […]
Pavel Morochovič trio (SK/NL)

Juraj GriglákNeil van der DriftPavel MorochovičShowCase

Pavel Morochovič je osobitý slovenský jazzový klavirista, ktorého v zostave tria dopĺňajú známy slovenský kontrabasista Juraj Griglák a holandský bubeník a skladateľ Neil van der Drift. Klavírne trio prináša originálne kompozície a nové podoby melodického jazzu, obohateného o inovatívne zvukové prvky a rozsiahle improvizované plochy, ktoré dotvárajú celkovú komplexnosť ich tvorby. Štýlovo sa trio nevymedzuje […]
Hartyga live in Košice


Hartyga band from Tuva (South Siberia) live in Košice (Slovakia) on multi-genre festival Summer in the park, 2018.
Pavel Jakub Ryba & Petr Valášek (CZ)

Pavel Jakub RybaPetr ValášekShowCase

Hevhetia Showcase & JazzBus 2018 – Kasárne/Kulturpark, Košice
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