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The Slovak band Chill On The Sun apparently plans their album releases according to the sun’s activity. Their new album Breviary of Magical Plants and Mushrooms is their 4th studio album and comes 11 long years after its predecessor Polo My.

Within a year and a day, the live album of the essential Slovak rock alternative group OTRAS is published by the label Hevhetia (2023 on bandcamp), capturing their concert in the well-known Kaštan club in Prague on January 28, 2022. The reunited band after twenty years consists of long-term bandmates from various projects Peter “Varso” Varsavik (vocals, guitar, songs) and Julo Fujak (drums, voice, arr.), as well as Jožo Hruška (fretless bassguitar) and David Šubík (keyboards, electronics), former music producer of the first album Kysucký postindustriál (1998).

After the release of the award-winning album Sonety (Radioheads award), a group of jazz musicians and literary enthusiasts centred around František Báleš comes with their second original work combining the beauty of Slovak poetry and music. The leader of the ensemble is known in artistic circles not only as a jazz musician, but also as an admirer and promoter of classical poetry. Inspired by works that are known to the wider public mainly from school days, he decided to popularise this literature with his own musical creations, influenced by jazz and classical music.

The 4th album of the band Nebeská muzika entitled Šťastné a Nebeské… (Happy and Heavenly…) was created in the spirit of a line from a traditional Bethlehem play. You can listen to musical gems “mined” from the Orava and Terchov side of the legendary mountain range of Malá Fatra (Slovakia). Imaginative arrangements in the style of world music with rich folk instrumentation capture the local cultural tradition from Advent to Three Kings Day. This musical gift from the land of the highwayman Jánošík is wrapped in a sumptuous hand-illustrated bilingual booklet, offering a surprising artistic look “inside”.

Peter Machajdík presented the Sound City Days project in the Ján Koniarek Gallery. The director of the gallery, Vladimír Beskid, then showed the guests around and commented on the exhibited works.

Pavel Jakub Ryba on bass guitar, Ján Kopčák on saxophone and Erik Truffaz on trumpet joined forces on stage.

David Kollar, Rick Cox, Paolo Raineri a Erik Truffaz. Štvorica ostrieľanývch jazdcov, ktorí predviedli plnokrvnú hudobnú exhibíciu, a zavŕšili tohtoročný Hevhetia ShowCase.

The newly released albums of the Hevhetia publishing house were presented by Ján Sudzina and Peter Motyčka.

Mirka Novak & Edward Miles played songs from the album Malbum.

Julo Fujak presented his musical projects.

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