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Mr. Dopplers‘ Scooters

Written by on August 22, 2020

Mr. Dopplers ‘Scooters (2020) is a sound art project that works with urban public space and the Doppler effect phenomenon. This author’s sound performance abuses the so-called a change in the frequency of electromagnetic waves caused by the relative motion of the source and the observer. A trio of riders on e-scooters moved along a predetermined route and their movement trajectory intersected the axis of Košice’s Main Street.

An independent audio source containing random audio tracks was placed on each of the e-scooters. Some of them, post-produced, ironically associated the Doppler effect, which can also be created digitally.

The movement of the riders created a spatial composition, which directly influenced the overall sound composition. The aleator (random) element was strengthened by various unexpected moments and forced stops of riders (pedestrians, other scooter riders, animals and urban furniture). Richard Kitt’s multimedia project was realized in August 2020 in cooperation with MAO (Media Art Office) and the Faculty of Arts TUKE.

The event took place during the international event Hevhetia Showcase 2020 and is also a support project for Košice UNESCO / Creative City of Media Arts.

Mr. Dopplers ‘Scooters Public sound performance / 3 moving sound sources / 3 public e-scooters / Moving sound tracks / Aleatoric

  • sound composition / Public street auditionart concept: Riso Kitta
    perfomers: Dom Franko / Kamil Gilsnss / Riso Kitta
    video production: Peter Hric
    sound production: Dom Franko
    art directing: Riso Kitta

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