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David is an experimental guitarist and composer who has placed himself in the last two decades among the most influential European avant-garde-jazz artists. He has also managed to succeed in breaking through onto the world music scene, and he has worked together with some of its most important representatives, such as Arve Henriksen, Pat Mastelotto, Eivind Aarset, Christian Fennesz, Trey Gun, Erik Truffaz, Marco Minnemann and Steven Wilson. He writes music for cinema and theatre as well. His development from playing jazz-rock to forming his own personal style within the most progressive trends, including his crucial break-through, is fascinating from an international point of view.

David has had 13 albums issued so far by Hevhetia Records, as well as one book. Arve Henriksen is a charismatic musical innovator, standing firmly within established musical structures but also unafraid to escape frequently from them, but then return to them with an unusually convincing ability to sense the right moment for a come-back. He immediately interacts with them again, grasping every musical motif or sound impulse just as it comes along, harmonically and easily, so that the music he creates in a particular moment is graspable, communicative and beautiful. He very skilfully, functionally and yet logically builds layers out of an inconceivable mass of actions, ideas and micro- to nano-impulses, arranging them and immediately abandoning them, only to reincarnate them at some point during a concert or in the future in new associations or moods. For this he uses a wide range of means of expression, from purely acoustic through acoustic untraditionally modulated through the use of his instrument (trumpet), voice and vocalizations, or of his own body as a form of percussion, but also live sampling, computer modulation, chains of effects and electronic or other technical devices and programs.

During the workshop he will let you into his kitchen and teach you what you can get out of it, so that you can have everything effectively under control and be prepared to grasp the magic of the “here and now”, but also how to support the people you play with, moving each other on and further, enjoying beautiful moments of of permanent (re-)birth… David and Arve met on stage for the first time at Hevhetiafest in 2017. Since then they’ve been working together more and more intensively, giving concerts and recording. Their latest album, which originated at a distance during home isolation due to the corona pandemic, precisely reflects that difficult but equally very inspirational time. The album is calledUnexpected isolation, and it will have its premiere during the Festival together with the vinyl version of the preceding album, Sculpting in Time.

David Kollar & Arve Henriksen on Hevhetia Records

  • HV 0178-2-331 David Kollar & Arve Henriksen – Illusion of a Separate World (2018)
  • HV 0190-2-331 David Kollar (Erik Truffaz, Arve Henriksen, Pat Mastelotto, Christian Fennes) Sculpting in Time (2019)
  • HV 0207-2-331 David Kollar & Arve Henriksen – Unexpected Isolation (2020) – New release – premiere
  • HV 0213-2-331, HV 0214-2-331 (2CD) David Kollar, feat. Pat Mastelotto, Arve Henriksen – Crime on the Bunny, David Kollar, feat. Erik Truffaz – 10 Poems for Ronroco – New release – premiere

Other albums by David Kollar on Hevhetia Records

  • EH 0007-2-331 David Kollar – Way from East (2007)
  • HV 0041-2-331 David Kollar Project – DVD One Night in Budapest (2009)
  • EH 0021-2-331 David Kollar – Film Soundtracks and Ideas (2010)
  • HV 0047-2-331 David Kollar Project – Equation of Time (2011)
  • HV 0072-2-331 David Kollar – The Son (2013)
  • HV 0104-2-331 KOMARA – KOMARA – Kollar, Mastelotto, Rainieri (2015)
  • HV 0104-1-331 KOMARA – KOMARA 180gr vinyl LP (2016)
  • HV 0108-2-331 The Blessed Beat – Mermaid in Venice (2015)
  • HV 0138-2-331 David Kollar – R.M.X + book Zápisky I (2016)
  • HV 0156-2-331 David Kollar – Notes from the Underground (2017)
  • EH 0063-2-331 Julo Fujak – kaleidoSONICope! (2020) – New release – premiere

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